A properly fitted bike will make the most effective use of your energy, make your ride more comfortable, and help prevent injury.

Reasons to get a bike fit at IMPACT:

  • Experiencing pain while on your bike
  • Other medical conditions such as surgeries or a knee replacement
  • You would like a more comfortable bike ride
  • Improve your ride performance and efficiency

What to expect during a bike fitting?

During your bike fit we will first determine your cycling goals, identify prior injuries and discuss any pain/discomfort you feel while riding.

We will evaluate your alignment off the bike. We will then watch you pedal, measure you both on and off the bike and make adjustments to your bike as applicable. We will evaluate both your profile on the bike and also your foot/pedal interface (for those who use clipless pedals).

How is a bike fit at IMPACT different from a bike fit at my local bike shop?

We will perform a complete musculoskeletal evaluation to identify biomechanical and alignment issues that may cause pain while cycling. We will focus on your postural asymmetry both on and off the bike. We will evaluate your alignment, strength and flexibility and fit your bike to you. While we will address aerodynamics and efficiency, our main focus is to help you return to riding pain-free.

What are the Costs?

If you have pain related to biking, we treat the bike fit as a physical therapy evaluation/treatment and we will bill your insurance.

Your costs will be what you would pay for any other physical therapy appointment. If you don’t have pain related to biking and would like a bike fit to improve performance and efficiency, the cost is $125 + tax.

What to bring to your Bike Fitting?

Bring your bike and the biking clothes and shoes you typically wear when you ride. If you use clipless pedals it is important that you bring your cycling shoes with to your appointment.