Know When It’s Time to go to a Physical or Occupational Therapist

Once you sustain an injury if it does not heal rapidly you could be stuck in the pain cycle. Once in the pain cycle it can be very hard to find relief from the now chronic pain. Find out more about the pain cycle here. In order to prevent this from happening seeking out treatment from a physical or occupational therapist is key. When a strain, pain, or injury lingers more than two weeks in most cases it is a good idea to seek treatment.

Most people can benefit from treatment with a physical or occupational therapist. Not only can a therapist help with accident, injury, or illness, but they can help prevent these things as well. Therapy can help the patient focus on ergonomics, balance, posture, and the alignment of the entire body. A therapist can also help patients with their fitness and overall wellness.

If you are experiencing an injury, accident, or illness studies have shown that therapy is less invasive and can work better in the long run than surgery for many conditions. Therapy is also very important for dealing with or recovering from chronic pain. A therapist will help the patient become physically active and that is key to feeling better from the pain. A sedentary lifestyle only leads to more pain.

Some of the most common kinds of injuries treated by physical or occupational therapists include:

Sprains– These can happen at anytime to anyone. Sprains can happen in a number of different areas in the body from the ankle, elbow, or even the thumb. Rest is the usual treatment for this condition, but that makes the areas around the sprain weaker, possibly triggering the pain cycle. Some sessions with a therapist will help with regaining strength in the area and to help prevent future sprains in the affected area. The more times an area of the body experiences a sprain the more likely it is to happen again.

Dislocations– The initial dislocation is easy to fix. Once a joint has experienced dislocation it weakens the muscles and cartilage near by, resulting in a much higher potential to dislocate the same area again. Receiving proper conditioning and strength training from a therapist should help alleviate any lingering pain from the injury, repair the damage to the injured area, and help to prevent future dislocations.

Torn Tendons and Ligaments– This is a common sports injury that the patient will most likely need surgery to repair. After the surgery is completed working with a therapist will help in the recovery process. The goal of this therapy is to improve the patients range of motion.

Broken Bones– During the course of treatment immobilized areas can become weak with disuse. After the cast has come off it is important to get therapy to help strengthen and restore the effected area back to optimum function. A therapist can help determine if the patient needs a weight restriction until function is restored to the injured area to help prevent further injury.

Arthritis– is a very common disease and the leading cause for disability in the United States. There may not be a cure for this disease, but with treatment from a physical or occupational therapist there is hope for improvement of symptoms and overall functionality.

If you need a therapist make an appointment with IMPACT today. In Minnesota you can start treatment with a therapist at your discretion without the need for a physicians referral.

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