• 29 MAY 19
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    How Physical Therapy Can Benefit Seniors

    How Physical Therapy Can Benefit Seniors

    Physical therapy is a great way to help seniors maintain their independence as long as possible. If seniors are experiencing a loss of strength, balance, coordination, or flexibility working with a physical therapist is the answer. A physical therapist can work with seniors to help relive pain, restore balance, and improve physical function.

    • 11 JAN 19
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    When You Should See a Physiatrist

    When You Should See a Physiatrist

    A physiatrist is a medical doctor that works to improve your quality of life by increasing the physical function of your body. If you have a disability, brain injury, or chronic pain a physiatrist could be the specialist physician for you. Physiatrists take a conservative route to your treatment and try many options before deciding that surgery is really necessary.

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