• Jennifer Armitage

    Jennifer Armitage

    Jennifer Armitage graduated from the University of Minnesota with her B.S. in Physical Therapy where she focused extensively on women’s health and spine rehabilitation. She joined IMPACT in 2016 after working at the Midwest Spine Institute. Some of her specialties include manual therapy and therapeutic exercise encompassed with muscle energy techniques, myofacial release, Travell trigger point and more.

    Jenni’s passion and dedication to women’s health has allowed her to treat a number of special conditions and diagnoses. She is primarily familiar with pelvic floor dysfunctions, incontinence, postpartum, osteoporosis, as well as pre and post surgical conditions. Some of those conditions include hysterectomy, episiotomy, cesarean section, post-mastectomy, and many more conditions.

    Her vast knowledge in this field has been essential to improving the quality of life for many people. Jenni works diligently with patients using hands-on techniques for muscle re-education and activities retaining in order for patients to achieve a healthy and active lifestyle.


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