• Chronic Pain Treatment With Medical Marijuana

    Chronic Pain Treatment With Medical Marijuana

    Medical marijuana is bringing hope and pain relief to patients suffering from chronic pain. Now the State of Minnesota is offering this great treatment option to legal chronic pain patients.

    Many medical professionals have been slow to embrace this promising legal treatment for patients. At IMPACT our Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Physician is willing to consider this treatment for you if you have a qualifying condition and he deems it a beneficial part of a complete pain treatment program. If you are approved by Dr. Agre for this program, he will certify you as one of his patients and you will then be able to obtain medical cannabis at any of the eight dispensaries currently located in the state of Minnesota. Find out those locations here.

    Medical treatment with cannabis may seem like a new phenomenon to some people. In fact cannabis has been used as a treatment for pain and numerous other medical conditions since at least 2700 BC.

    Clinical studies have discovered that the majority of chronic pain patients that use marijuana report experiencing pain relief and an improved quality of life. In a recent survey by the State of Minnesota of chronic pain patients on the medical cannabis program, 90% of patients said that they experienced significant to mild pain relief benefits.

    Studies have also uncovered many other benefits of medical marijuana. It has proven to be a safe and effective long-term treatment option for many chronic pain patients. Patients have also been experiencing pain relief with very few or no side effects. It has also been discovered that low doses of marijuana really help patients that are not responding to typical pain relief therapy.

    Medical cannabis is a much safer choice than other pain relief medication options. NSAIDs such as aspirin or ibuprofen are not considered safe for use over a long period of time. Long-term use of those medications increases the risk of kidney damage or ulcers.

    A disadvantage of opioids is that frequently over time a patients dose needs to be increased as their body develops a tolerance for the medication. Medical cannabis when used in conjunction with opioids helps patients be able to reduce their opioid dose by about 64%.

    How does medical marijuana work to help patients find pain relief? It works because in the human body cannabis receptors are highly concentrated in the central nervous system in the particular area that controls pain perception. Because of the location of the cannabis receptors the use of marijuana achieves the goal of pain relief. Unlike opioids, this pain relief is obtained without repressing a person’s ability to breath.

    This is just one of the numerous treatment options for pain available at IMPACT. If you were interested in becoming a patient at our clinic give us a call today at (651) 646-7246. The IMPACT clinic is conveniently located in the heart of the midway neighborhood in downtown St. Paul, Minnesota. If you are using public transportation IMPACT is located right on the Snelling Avenue stop of the light rail green line.

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  • Posted by Rosie Beckett on July 19, 2018, 1:26 pm

    My mom experiences a lot of chronic pain in her lower back and I am glad that I found this article because I did not know that medical cannabis can be so helpful in treating this pain. You make a great point that patients who use cannabis find pain relief as well as an improved quality of life. Also, the fact that it is safe to use long-term will be a huge benefit for my mom so that she will not have to worry about side effects in the future. I will definitely share these benefits with her.

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  • Posted by Olivia Pearson on November 15, 2018, 11:55 am

    I had no idea that medical cannabis has proven to be a safe and effective long-term treatment for patients with chronic pain! I think it’s so beneficial to take care of the roots of chronic pain before it starts preventing you from accomplishing certain daily activities. My friend was recently in a car accident, and ever since, has been suffering from extreme lower back pain. I’ll recommend that she consult with a medical professional about medical cannabis, who can potentially refer her to a dispensary in her area for the correct dosage and prescription, so she can be relieved of her pain as soon as possible.

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